Build, manage and role out Costing Standards to achieve a fact-based, transparent and sustainable costing; practical focus on cost drivers that effect GP1 from sourcing perspective. Be aware of all other internal/external cost factors related to GP1 and GP2. Work closely with key stakeholders to ensure cost is accurately captured and reported in the costing sheet. Develop and maintain a Costing Library of raw material costs, consumption and cut & make costs; provide fact-based economic trend information, including labour rates, inflation, Trade agreement, BilateralismFree TradeTariffs, Regionalism, International economic cooperationSupport sourcing leadership in future strategic country & factory allocation decision-making through thorough analysis of costing rates and forecasted trends
  • Analyse supplier costs against pre-costing then liaise with regional sourcing leads to identify improvement areas on both accuracy and key cost drivers
  • Partner with Product Development, Raw Materials and Production teams to gather all cost information starting from the early development stages
  • Validate cost factors quoted in bill of materials (BOMs) and CMT; negotiation against industry cost data
  • Identify components costing embellishment including SMV, efficiency, material yield and finance cost
  • Analyse and verify duty and freight cost for accuracy
  • Evaluate seasonal cost against budgeted plan by department/product, determine root causes of variances
  • Analyse actual manufacturing costs and prepare periodic reports comparing standard costs to actual production costs
  • Work closely with the product team to identify opportunities to improve margin on new and carryover yarn, materials and products
  • Create and analyse reports and tools that identify cost exceptions and work with cross function teams to predict, negotiate and understand costs for apparel production
  • Naturally analytically minded with strong excel skills
  • Proven knowledge of product construction and manufacturing
  • Great understanding of cost drivers
  • Experience in providing cost saving options to achieve target prices
  • Leadership skills to motivate, engage and develop a team
  • Strong negotiation skills