In joining Gymshark you will be a key member of the new sales forecasting team within the larger sales and demand planning function. This is a recently established function, evolving on from the previous structure, with the view to drive the business forward with a higher degree of accuracy within sales forecasting and inventory planning in order to maximise sales potential whilst minimising any potential stock issues.

You will be responsible for creating accurate product sales forecasts for a particular group of our e-commerce stores.

  • With the assistance of your manager, formulate online sales forecasts by regional stores at a product level; ranging from current week to 18+ months into the future – these plans will need to align with the regional sales budgets provided. This will be done using past sales data and future trend predictions, combined with a solid understanding of sports apparel
  • Decide colour distributions for each style relevant to your region, as well as region specific size distributions
  • Measure forecast accuracies and use learnings to improve future predictions
  • Continually monitor sales performance against original forecast and adjust where necessary for an accurate prediction of store performance
  • You will need to identify trading patterns, quickly highlight strong/weak sellers and work with the appropriate teams across the business to create actions and capitalise on sales potential or minimise risk
  • Feed sales forecasts into the head of sales forecasting who in turn will combine with other regions to hand over to the demand planning function who will be responsible for ensuring adequate stock is in place across several distributions centre, therefore allowing the sales forecasts to be achieved
  • Ability to deal with big data spreadsheets, easily summarising the information and pulling out the key takeaways
  • Able to easily recognise data/sale trends and draw up the necessary conclusions for future actions
  • Ability to adapt to new and changing reporting tools quickly, all with the view to improve forecasting accuracy and efficiency
  • A strong commercial mind
  • Able to work alone towards your personal objectives, but also as a team towards the larger team objectives
  • Be naturally time conscious and KPI driven to attain deadlines


  • Have experience working in a business that has experienced rapid growth
  • A similar industry background, either Sports Apparel or E-Commerce
  • Experience using different forecasting software & tools to drive business decisions