We are seeking a textile chemist/mechanical engineer or textile technologist to join the team as our Circularity Manager. At Gymshark we intend to take responsibility for every product of ours that hits the market. This includes how it‘s made, what it’s made of and how it is disposed of. For this we need a versatile individual who is able to get into the nitty gritty of how the composites can be broken down and remade into new product. The Circularity Manager will be looking at textiles, plastics, rubbers, packaging, etc. They will also be tackling circular processing water, wastage and working together with our carbon footprint specialist on energy.

The scope of the role encompasses design and product development, supply chain and customer behaviour. They will be expected to collaborate to find/build infrastructures globally to reclaim and reprocess all product once the customer is finished with these.



  • Gain an understanding of how best our product can be broken down and work with the Product team to reengineer to support the recycling of our products.
  • Evaluate production processes of different suppliers and support best practice rollout - targeting 0 wastage and 0 freshwater consumption
  • Design innovative solutions for take back and recycling systems where we operate globally
  • Investigate all tools we use that create wastage and find a solution for this (packaging)
  • You will be leading circularity focused projects across all functions and monitoring the results
  • Building and delivering reports of workstream progress
  • You will be leading circularity focused projects across all functions and monitoring the results
  • Building a progress report evaluating wastage creation and water consumption
  • Monitoring the progress of all projects
  • Working with the wider Sustainability team on the transparency report to ensure our community has the tools to fully understand and join us on our journey to full responsibility and accountability
  • You will be working closely with a number of different teams throughout the business to ensure you are supporting their work
    • Manufacturing knowledge within the textile, paper and or plastic industry.
    • Able to network and create strong and meaningful relationships.
    • Strong communication skills and strong intercultural skills.
    • Working on numerous projects at the same time.
    • Even though this position currently does not have any direct reports leadership experience will be helpful to the role.



    We receive loads of applications for roles here at Gymshark. It’s a great problem to have, but it does mean it can take us a little longer to try and give every application the attention it deserves.

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