Logistics will be integral to Supply Chain delivery. The Logistics Manager will develop a lean and agile team, building relationships across GSHK, GSMU and GSHQ to optimise value in flowing goods to meet into warehouses dates for ultimate customer delivery 

You will provide leadership and direction to your team; recruiting, developing and coaching to form part of a professional, pro-active and value-adding logistics team. You will be responsible for directing freight with forwarders, managing supplier compliance to Gymshark’s delivery requirements, setting-out internally and externally good process and control with a cost-focus mentality, intervening to best support and meet agreed inbound lead times. You will have practical experience of managing intake perhaps for retailers, and a record of achievement within logistics and minimum educational attainment of A-levels or a diploma with a supply chain institute. 


  • Oversee forwarder contracts and to share with the business all critical information: cut-offs, transits, deliver, supplier compliance, costings and paperwork requirements from all origins highlighting expected into warehouse dates for all transport modes
  • Be aware of all New Product launch dates; manage and monitor the performance and be prepared to intervene where there is risk to achieving accepted into warehouse date
  • Work closely with Commercial team on quantity and into distribution arrangements to need demand. 
  • Formulate with the Head of Logistics best practices between Logistics teams in Asia and GSHQ, includes annual budgeting, SOP, and KPI to drive key operational and cost saving improvement opportunities 
  • Establish new overseas routes to warehouses including location selection, planning, contract negotiation, establishing and operation management
  • Proactively identify, implement and lead new logistics solutions for cost efficiencies and improving quality in the supply chain. 
  • Align with Head of Sourcing and Procurement on vendor allocation and building volume forecasts to ensure capacity within the deliver networks to meet Gymshark’s sales plans
  • Examine current operations and assess gaps, limitations and pressing need to deliver certainty of movement, speed to market, flexible services, good management, lower cost and strong external relationships
  • Familiarisation with Brexit impacts, preferential trade agreements, customs and imports/exports restrictions to advise on meeting the challenges on ever changing routes to market 
  • Build strong relationships with the  GSHK & GSMU officeand when needed, hold them accountable to performance agreements and implement course corrections and mitigation strategies as needed
  • Build your teams relationships with the Commercial team; drive feedback and coaching to align the performance of your team and share good practice in the movement of goods and in setting strong process over supply chain activity 
  • Analysing freight spends to establish consolation and new routes to market and savings opportunities, benchmarking forwarder activity and KPI performance
  • Your team will be responsible for continually analysing cut-offs, transits and delivery arrangements and supplier performance across sea, air and road movements and referencing the launch schedules to ensure timely deliveries into warehouse on new product
  • Gather accurate data to make informed decisions and deliver accurate reporting and consistent judgements
  • Management of freight forwarders for sea, air and road shipments, ideally for a retailer 
  • Setting standard operating procedures and wider experience within logistics perhaps including Third Party Logistics operations 
  • Knowledge of imports and exports paperwork requirements and a good understanding of Customs regimes 
  • Team management and development would be is preferred  
  • Challenge the status quo and be able to put changes into context for your team. Execute changes that impact the business, be proactive and positive, listen and be a change agent for improvement
  • As a demanding organisation you will be interacting with senior and direct stakeholders and therefore the ability to influence, motivate and negotiate at senior levels is highly important 
  • Degree level education or equivalent, perhaps with a diploma from CILT (Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport) 

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