The primary objective of the Inbound Executive role is to best support the Logistics Manager in collaborating across GSHK, GSMU and GSHQ to optimise business delivery and to challenge freight forwarder performance on a daily, weekly and monthly basis in stock management from supplier-to-sell.  

You will be responsible for producing unit/cube forecasts for sea, air and road shipment, tracking of goods, logistics planning for promotions and launches and maintaining schedules for transit and cost of movement of goods. 

  • Cut-offs/transits/delivery into warehouse:  Maintain all records from forwarders, all routings, all transportation modes for communication within Gymshark 
  • Maintain all rate cards from forwarders and prices for newly agreed routings 
  • Establish logistics news site sharing costing uplifts from origin by transport method, by routing and explaining incoterms, logistics terminology and services offered 
  • Attend regular freight reviews keeping action points and assessing KPIs and performance of forwarders.  Monitor performance on a daily basis to challenge planned into warehouse dates 
  • Produce unit / cube rolling forecast for sea/air/road freight to book space with forwarders and maintain actual volume reports against planned forecast
  • Represent the Logistics team in supporting the business to meet planned launch dates and advising on control and movement of stock 
  • Under guidance from the Logistics Manager be prepared to offer the business insight into approval, strong process and delivery of stock to meet business needs with a focus on ACT (accurate, complete, timely) deliveries 
  • Work closely with the Commercial team on the movement of goods, costings and delivery into market 
  • Review deliveries against the orders and track status, highlighting at an early stage risk to planned into warehouse dates
  • Liaise with suppliers as required in presenting goods to forwarders in a compliant and timely manner
  • Ad hoc tasks as required and deputising for the Logistics Manager as required 
  • Build strong relationships with the offices and when needed, hold them accountable to performance agreements and implement course corrections and mitigation strategies as required  
  • Track & trace software 
  • Planning & forecasting
  • Ocean, air and road shipments and imports/customs compliance
  • Strong Microsoft Excel skills 
  • Working knowledge of freight forwarder services, customs and imports compliant paperwork with ideally some exposure to the clothing sector, perhaps having worked for a forwarder 
  • Support and encourage each other, creating an environment where everyone can contribute and succeed
  • Be open to change, willing to be challenged and able to adapt quickly and imaginatively to new ideas 
  • Focus on outcomes, set high standards and deliver with energy and determination

We receive loads of applications for roles here at Gymshark. It’s a great problem to have, but it does mean it can take us a little longer to try and give every application the attention it deserves.

Rest assured, we read and respond to every application. After we’ve taken a look at your skills and experience on your application, there’s a number of things that could happen next:

We’ll let you know as soon as possible if it’s not meant to be this time.

If it’s looking promising, we’ll be in touch with an email and a short phone call and understand what sits behind the CV!

If it’s looking really promising, we’ll aim to put some faces to some names and arrange a first interview.

And then if it’s looking really, really promising, we’ll be inviting you in for a second interview and usually a project to assess your skills and capabilities!

Thanks and appreciate you understanding!