The primary objective of the Imports & Exports Executive role is to best support the Imports & Exports Manager in collaborating across GSHK, GSMU and GSHQensuring that compliant paperwork is produced to match stock and non-merchandised goods loaded for despatch across frontiers. Where required customs declarations and import/export paperwork are to be complete and accurate and reflect the regulatory requirements of the origin and destination countries and that give rise to potential liability to taxes on importation. Strong planning and co-ordination skills will be required in liaising with forwarders, distribution centres and suppliers to support the flow of goods. 
  • Prepare and retain paperwork for shipments across frontiers as required where Gymshark is the Importer or the Exporter of goods and produce customs declarations where required 
  • HTS (harmonised tariff codes): Apply appropriate EU tariff codes to import declarations and export commercial invoices and ensure that quantities, costs, weights, descriptions and details for shipper, importer and consignee are correct and matched to packing lists 
  • Review with Finance any forwarder deferment account recharges to ensure correct customs duties and VAT on imports have been applied  
  • Duty preference arrangements:  Research and advise suppliers and the Sourcing Department on the compliance regimes required to obtain duty relief from developing countries or under trade agreements
  • Prepare costings as required for ad hoc shipments ahead of approval with support from freight forwarders and the logistics team 
  • Represent the logistics team in supporting the business to meet planned launch dates and advising on control and movement of stock and co-ordinating activity
  • Under guidance from the Imports/Exports Manager be prepared to offer the business insight into approval, strong process and delivery of stock to meet business needs with a focus on ACT (accurate, complete, timely) deliveries
  • Work closely with the Commercial team on movement of goods, costings and delivery into market
  • Make recommendations for improved procedures around the imports/exports of goods with a focus of compliance to the regulatory requirements in moving goods 
  • Maintain schedules for collection and movement of goods, detailing the responsibilities of all parties and maintain suitable standard operating procedures over the import and export of goods 
  • Ad hoc tasks as required and deputising for the imports/exports manager as required 
  • You will be responsible for ensuring compliance and generation of imports, exports and customs paperwork in a timely manner to support the movement of goods, meet launch deadlines, maintain records and prepare reports on shipments by country, by sea/air/road, by period  
  • Import, Export and Customs compliance in sportswear and accessories 
  • Planning and co-ordination across functions to deliver stock to deadlines 
  • Customs working knowledge, tariff coding, registered exporter status, duty preference 
  • Strong Microsoft Excel skills 

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